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We Are An:
Action Performance Specialist Drama School

Empower Action Martial Arts and Film School is separate from Empower Martial Arts but also works side by side as well for members who wish to learn both martial arts and film combat.

Having a martial arts (MA) background or training in MA alongside our Action MA Film sessions are preferable but not mandatory at all.

We run Courses, Camps and Workshops that have been professionally designed by Hollywood Stunt and Fight Performers, Co-ordinators, Choreographers and Film Directors at HQ – Adrenaline WorldWide.

We also have developed our own independent courses and seminars over the past few years too.

2024 Adrenaline Certified Training Center (first licensed in 2022).

We are a registered affiliate training center since 2022 for Adrenaline worldwide content created by Professional Hollywood professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll teach a range of skills used in “Action films” including:
1)Performance Martial Art Skills,
2)Performance Martial Art Weaponry Skills,
-Perfect for Film/TV, Demo work and Performance Competitions.

3)Fight Choreography, to learn how fights are designed and how action performers learn and deliver for the camera.
-Including other Fighting Styles, to build different character styles and meet the needs of the production team.

4)Ticking and Flash Kicks including Gymnastic elements.
And of course…
5)Fight Action Stunts…
Covering things like Dives, Rolls, Falls, Throws,
types of Vaults, other Parkour elements and So much more.

Performance Martial Arts is best described as a dance routine but for martial arts, or as a gymnastic floor routine.

It’s a skill used in martial art specific films/productions such as Karate Kid and Cobra Kai for example.

Practitioners also perform this at shows, demo’s and at performance competitions.

Performance Martial Arts with weapons is best described as a dance routine but for martial arts with weapons, or as a rhythmic gymnastic floor routine.

It’s a skill used in martial art specific films/productions such as Karate Kid and Cobra Kai for example.

Practitioners also perform this at shows, demo’s and at performance weapon competitions.

We use 5 main weapons:

  1. 1 Bo/Staff

The Bo is simply put, a long stick that is typically the length of the person using it.

  1. 2 Nunchakus’ 

Numchaku’s made famous by Bruce Lee are 2 short sticks approx. 10-12 inches each connected by a short piece of string or chain links and we use 1 in each hand.

  1. 3 Kama’s

Best described as looking like an ice mountain climbing pick, 1 in each hand.

  1. 4 Sword

needs no introduction, we cover different styles in difference workshops and courses.

  1. 5 Kali Sticks’ 

Kali Sticks also known as Eskrima Sticks or Arnis sticks are the traditional martial arts style of the Philippines and can make some crazy fight sequences in film/tv productions, a great example being in DC’s “Arrow”.
Kali Sticks are approx. 18-24 inches long and can be used single handed (1 stick) or a stick in each hand (double stick).


1) In our weekly training program we teach basic, intermediate, advanced level fight choreography accordingly with the class level.

our class fight choreography are nice short fight scenes perfect for students of all levels to learn and perfect new skills.

2) Fight Choreography Specific Workships/Camps.

These are typically 1-3 days intensive fight choreography specific.

We have 4 “premium Fight Courses”

Captain America – Course designed by the Stunt/Fight performer for Captain America Winter Solder
– Chris Brewster.

Wonder Woman – Course designed by the Stunt/Fight performer for Wonder woman
-Caitlin Dechelle

Spider-Man – Course designed by the Stunt/Fight performer for Spider-Man Home-coming
-Holland Dias

Dear Devil – Course designed by the Stunt/Fight performer for Dear Devel and introduces 3 person fight
-Eric Linden




We accept students as young as 7 who are able to focus, follow instruction and who are safe – between age 7-9 Responsible adult must stay for the first month, IF Adult and Instructor are both happy for student to be dropped off then that is optional.

Age 10-12+ we ask that an adult stays during the first 1-2 sessions if possible.

Age 13+ Adult staying is optional.

If Instructor feels the student is having any kind of issue in class and for their safety instructor wants a responsible adult to stay at future sessions then we will make contact either in person, email or phone.

Teenager and Adult Students are also welcome.

Any partner work students will be matches to a suitable partner accordingly.

Weekly Sessions:
Our weekly sessions are split into 4 quarters:
(Q1) Jan-March
(Q2) April-June 
(Q3) July-Sep  
(Q4) Oct-Dec  

each “Q” is 12 weeks and a 13th week will be a break allowing for a short break or for an Action Camp to be run or Instructor Training etc.

Each “Q” will cover Elements 1-4 and each element is broken down into 1 “Challenge” per element per “Q”.

Element 5 will be covers in separate “Action Camps” roughly every 3 months.

We also run intensive camps/workshops typically 1-3 days long.

Adrenalin Worldwide also Host 3 day intensive training camps 2-3 times a year in USA – Las Vegas and L.A. while plans are being worked on for EU and UK.
Although USA is far to go for 3 days training it is well worth it and combined with 4-8 days holiday on top of the 3 days training it makes for a great time away.


Each “Challenge” is worth 250 points.

Each 1-3 day intensive camp is work 1000 points.

Each Adrenalin HQ Run camp is worth 500-1000 points subject to change depending on the content and number of professional actors available to teach.

“Action Camps” we run roughly every 3 months are not worth additional points but will provide bonus training to compliment the challenges and intensive camps/workshops.



Finally “PRO” In-person tested via the Founders.

The 4 co-founders are also directors for some productions although mostly work as fight/stunt co-ordinators or performers.

In their roles as either directors or coordinators they can cast people for roles as either characters or as action performers “doubles”.

So as members of Adrenalin Worldwide, when casting opportunities are posted from the 4 founders to the Adrenalin Instructors group we can put forward members (students) who meet the criteria, then the founders can select who they want to audition and from there will pick who gets the part.

admittedly most casting opportunities are in the USA since all 4 co-founders are based in the USA, but 1 co-founder is English and all 4 film across the world, this means any casting opportunities in the UK or even in parts of Europe we are the number 1 point of contact since we are the only UK certified training provider currently and there are not many in Europe yet either.

The higher up the Ranking system members are the more chance of selection there is and we plan to put our own directory together for our members for casting directors thanks to our connections we have built up over the years across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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In 2022 we was honored to work with the CFI (Crawley Film Initiative) team in producing ROMIO HOTEL ELEVEN (RH11) TV Series.
Both Instructor Adam and members of Empower Action Martial Arts playing both main characters and extras, While Adam also shadowed Conor Hegarty in rehearsals further learning to choreograph “street Frights” compared to the normal DC/Marvel Style Adam is more used too.

Productions /Companies We have worked with:

Crawley Film Initiative.